(A poetic summation of the 2016 Golden State Warriors NBA Season)
By John Vitz

The stars were shining brightly

On our “Warrior 5” that year.

We re-wrote all the record books.

We drank up all the beer.

We started out the season

With a record-breaking streak.

24 wins in a row!

What havoc we did wreak!

We had Steph, and Klay and Draymond,

We had nothing left to fear.

The greatest team that ever played

Was kicking into gear.

We played with grace and fervor.

We were something to behold.

We only lost 9 times that year!

We loved our Blue and Gold!

We hit the playoffs running

We could see the finish line!

The victories kept coming,

And we were on cloud 9.

We conquered all the others,

And “The Finals” were in town.

Now, we’d face the Cavaliers…

LeBron was going down!

Games 1 and 2 were blowouts.

We had it in the bag.

The writers wrote about it,

And all they did was brag.

Then we went to Cleveland,

And there we earned a split.

They beat us in Game 3,

But our Warriors never quit.

We were coming home to clinch it.

We were up 3 games to 1.

The Golden State was shining.

We were having tons of fun!

History awaited,

The odds were on our side.

The Cavs were in deep trouble,

And nowhere could they hide.

And yet, for some strange reason

When the final buzzer blared,

Our Warriors lost the game — at HOME!

But nobody was scared.

We’ll play Game 6 in Cleveland,

Where we beat them in Game 4.

So, we’ll do it once again,

And rejoice forevermore!

But wait! What’s going on here?

We were up 1 game to 3!

The Cavaliers have tied it up!

And Bogut hurt his knee!!!

At last, the stage was set

For the Final game of all.

Thank God it was in Oakland,

Where we rarely ever fall.

The Oracle was rocking!

The season’s best game yet!

And though the lead kept changing hands,

There was no cause to sweat.

We had ‘em where we wanted ‘em.

We’d seen it all before.

Our record breaking heroes

Would dominate the floor.

It was a magic season,

And Curry led the way.

Now we’re tied, at 89

With seconds left to play!

‘Twas then that Kyrie Irving

Stuck a dagger in our hearts.

He made a shot from way “downtown”

That was really off the charts.

Down by 3 as time ran down

And everybody prayed.

But, the basketball was ours.

They can’t rain on our parade.

30 seconds left to play,

Again, the stage was set.

Time for one last magic shot

That we would ne’er forget.

For in the “House of Miracles”

We never would say die

As cheering filled The Oracle,

With screaming to the sky.

We got the ball to Curry,

And with his famous flair,

Everyone was hopeful

As the shot soared through the air.

[ a moment of silence ]

I guess that magic monent

Wasn’t meant to be.

We lost the title … Came up short,

Steph Curry missed a 3!

© Copyright 2016, John W. Vitz.  All Rights Reserved.