I received this kind letter from my friends at MY FAITH VOTES.  They are having a prayer event prior to Tuesday’s election.  The event is on Monday at 6:30 PM ET.  The letter (below) gives the details.  Please watch the event and VOTE to keep Our Country Great!  …  John V.


Hello John,

Thank you very much for sharing your song, IT’S OUR COUNTRY.  Everyone at My Faith Votes enjoyed it very much.

Talking with the Communications Team, the thought we had, and with your permission, was to play your song/video at the end of an online live prayer event we have scheduled for Monday at 6:30 PM ET. We will be promoting the prayer event on Saturday and Monday, and it will stream live at https://myfaithvotes.live and our Facebook page (https://facebook.com/myfaithvotes).

The video would play unedited and should reach a sizeable audience. Since our prayer event is streaming on Facebook LIVE, the video will always be a part of our Facebook video archives.

If this is acceptable to you, please confirm back to this message.


Craig M. | Care Team Member