What is the meaning of Angelus Music?

One day, about 2000 years ago, the Almighty Creator of the Universe (all that is visible and invisible) decided to become one of us, human!  He Descended from Heaven to Earth were he was Born of the Virgin, Established a Church, was Crucified, Died and was Buried, but Rose from the Dead on the third day, and Ascended back into Heaven, 40 days later.  This is not a fairy tale.  This is absolute Truth.  It all started with a message from God that was delivered by the Archangel Gabriel to a holy, blessed, teenage girl, Mary of Nazareth!

God specifically chose Mary to bear His Son!  But, Mary was a consecrated virgin and she asked, “How can this be?”  Once she understood, Mary said, “Let it be done unto me according to Thy Word”.  At that instant, the Savior of the World was conceived within Mary’s virginal womb.  That moment in time is memorialized in the prayer known as The Angelus – “The Incarnation of Christ was made known by the message of an angel.”   The rest is Salvation History.

As a mere mortal, I hoped to share the Word of God through my music.  I continue to pray that my humble effort will also be made known with the grace of God and the help of the angels.  Hence, ANGELUS MUSIC.