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This article is an example of how God can make miraculous things happen, and how He uses angels to execute His wishes.  In the year 2000, I was able to visit Loreto, Italy, and step inside the house where the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary of Nazareth, where the Holy Spirit overshadowed her as she conceived the Son of God, Jesus Christ! 

How in the world did that house get transported from Nazareth to Italy?  The answer will surprise you, but scientific evidence verifies what would seem to be impossible:

Angels Took the House of Our Lady of Nazareth to Loreto

August 7, 2016 | Luis Dufaur

How did the Holy House take off from its foundations and reappear intact about 2,000 miles away, where it remains to this day?

At a conference organized by the “Amici del Timone” Cultural Center in Staggia Senese, Italy, titled “The Story of the Incredible Move of the House of Mary of Nazareth to Loreto,” a topic was developed which challenges engineering.  Indeed, the Holy House, birthplace of Our Lady,  where the Archangel Gabriel announced to her the Incarnation, has been for many centuries in the town of Loreto (Santa Casa di Loreto), in the Marche region of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea.

But, the Annunciation took place in Nazareth, in the Holy Land, where the foundations of the Holy House remain to this day. When compared with the dimensions and characteristics of the Loreto House, they match perfectly; but the similarities and concordances do not end there.

How did the Holy House take off, so to speak, from its foundations and reappear about 2,000 miles away, where it remains intact to this day?

According to historical evidence, the move took place in the thirteenth century; but how could it have been done given the poor technological resources of the time?

The move is attributed to an angelic action officially recognized by Popes and sustained by saints. However, such authoritative approvals are not intended to explain the material procedure, which carried an object the size of a house from one continent to another practically overnight.

This transfer, however, was confirmed by historical, documentary and archaeological evidence. Once again, for the astonishment of many, science confirms the Church.

For human hands to have performed such a translation is to consider an event even more miraculous than that done by the work of angels.

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