Demo Videos

I often make demo videos in my home studio to share my music, tell my stories, and stream the words on the screen while the music plays. The demos will vary from Christian to Country. That’s what makes this page so interesting. The song, “It’s Our Country”, was recorded in Nashville.
Everything else is home grown.

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John W. Vitz

Let Me Stand With You

Today, the world is engulfed in Spiritual Warfare!  It is not only in the Middle East; but, in our own back yards.  Christianity is being attacked in classrooms, in bedrooms and courtrooms, in back rooms and in broad daylight.  It is time to take a stand!


This is a musical summary of the Book of Revelation, one of the most challenging, misunderstood books in the Bible.  Some of the secrets are revealed in this video!


Miracles happen!  Prophesies come true!  On October 13, 1917, over 75,000 people witnessed the Miracle of the Sun.  It was a sign that the Virgin Mary had promised to 3 shepherd children, In Fatima, Portugal!

Crucified With Christ

Adapted from the prayer based on St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.

Christ, The Light!

Before Time began, there was Christ, The Word of God and The Word made Flesh.  This is a 10 part oratorio about Salvation History. It is dedicated to Most Reverend Michael Barber, Bishop of Oakland, and to The Cathedral of “Christ, the Light”.


The Pieta, one of the most glorious works of art ever created by man. To gaze upon it jars one’s soul with thoughts of Christ and His Mother, Mary. Christ has died for us all. His broken, lifeless body is at rest in the arms of His Mother. Talk about LOVE!

Prayer Before a Crucifix

A contemplative prayer that focuses on the Suffering and the Wounds of Christ, and Sacrifice He made for all of us.  Jesus came down from Heaven for this purpose.  Everyone should know that.

It’s Our Country

Let’s temper our political disagreements and return to a kinder, gentler society that takes the best ideas from every side and unify this great country.  Special thanks to Ann Ammar.   Vocal by Mason Douglas.

In The Aftermath

A tribute to the lost souls and the heroes of the terrorist attack on American soil.  For a short time, our country was united, and Americans proudly flew the flag.  Patriotism waned shortly afterward.  But for a moment, we were all Americans!

The Miracle of Christmas!

From the Cantata, “Christ, The Light!”, this tells of the Birth of our Lord and Savior.

Mary’s Lullaby

From “The Curé of Ars” musical.  Marie Vianney tries to calm her frightened infant son, John, as she sings a lullaby that Mary may have sung to her baby, Jesus.


This is a truer, more intimate look at a woman’s “right to choose”.  It is time to recognize the tragic truth about 60 million of those “choices”.  A fetus, an embryo, and a baby are all the same person.

Calvary and Beyond / He Is Risen!

From the Cantata, “Christ, The Light!”, this tells of the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Too Late Have I Loved You

Based on The Prayer of St. Augustine, who lived a sinful life for years until he had a change of heart and came to know, and love, Jesus Christ.  He lamented that it took so long for him to come home to Christ.

Pater Noster

The “Our Father”, or the “Lord’s Payer, is the prayer given to us by Jesus Christ.  In this prayer we dare to call Almighty God, “Father”.  The word Jesus used is “Abba”, which can be translated, “Daddy”.

Our Lady Of All Nations

This prayer asks for the help of the Holy Spirit to come to Earth and give Hope to All Nations of our troubled planet – a second Pentecost!  We pray for this through the intercession of Our Lady of all Nations.


Our earthly mothers prayed for us and gave us what we needed, not necessarily what we wanted. Why would not our Heavenly Mother do the same?

Dios Te Salve, Maria

This is the Hail Mary prayer, in Spanish.

Somewhere In Time

One of my favorite movies is “Somewhere In Time”. John Barry’s score is hauntingly beautiful and is essential to the story; but, there were no words to the music. So, I used the music from the original soundtrack and wrote these timeless, otherworldly lyrics.

The Sweetheart of Rock and Roll

A tribute to one of my favorite songwriters, Carole King.  This song also appears on the OFF THE RECORD page with a story about how hard it is for mortals to communicate with superstars. 🙂


So many times things happen that seem oddly coincidental. Recognize that God has His hand in everything we do.