Music Videos

I often make music videos in my home studio when I cannot get into a professional recording studio.  The videos stream the words on the screen while the music plays. 

In the old days, I did the same thing for my major works, “A Mass for Peace”, and “The Curé of Ars”, which were eventually recorded at Skywalker Sound, in Marin County, and John Lucasey’s Studio 880, in Oakland.  “It’s Our Country”, was recorded in Nashville by Mason Douglas.

Of course, it’s much better to watch with Full Screen with Ear Buds or Headphones.
John W. Vitz


In these times of peril and angst, Peace be with you …..


“Go, and sin no more.”

The Angelus

The Angelus is a beautiful prayer that calls to mind The Annunciation, Mary’s “Yes.”, and the Birth of The Word Made Flesh.  This recording is taken from the soundtrack of “The Curé of Ars” musical.

Angel of God

Our guardian angels seem to have become less important these days. Don’t let your guard down. You have a heavenly friend given to you by your Heavenly Father.    Vocal by Julia Laffon.

The Chosen of The Chosen One

Dedicated to Dallas and Amanda Jenkins, Jonathan Roumie, and all who have made the internationally acclaimed TV series – “The Chosen” – such an inspiring, refreshing and entertaining source of the joy, peace and love of the Holy Gospels!

Crucified With Christ

Adapted from the prayer based on St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.


The Kyrie is a prayer that is raised up to the Lord at every Mass. We ask God for forgiveness and mercy. We are asking, literally, for DIVINE MERCY.


“Glory to God, in the highest!” Almighty God is praised as the King of all Creation!

OurTriune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) reigns supreme!

Pater Noster

The “Our Father”, or the “Lord’s Payer, is the prayer given to us by Jesus Christ.  In this prayer we dare to call Almighty God, “Father”.  The word Jesus used is “Abba”, which can be translated, “Daddy”.

Pax Vobiscum w Agnus Dei

“Peace be with you.”  Those are the words Jesus said to His Apostles after His

“Agnus Dei” is the Lamb of God who died for you and for me.

Ecce Agnus Dei

Behold, The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” 

We recognize Jesus in the Holy Eucharist as we receive Him in Holy Communion.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

This is the prayer I say after I receive Holy Communion.

In 2000, I composed the music for the prayer specifically for “A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium”.

The Stranger in The Manger

“Who is this newborn king?”

This is a sad Christmas song that speaks to the secular, anti-Christian culture in the Third Millennium.


The Miracle of Christmas!

From the oratorio, “Christ, The Light!”, this tells of the Birth of our Lord and Savior.

Mary’s Lullaby

From “The Curé of Ars” musical.  Marie Vianney tries to calm her frightened infant son, John, as she sings a lullaby that Mary may have sung to her baby, Jesus.

What Will You Lose?

“Had I shed my blood for the love of Thee, would you grant my humble plea?” This is
from the prayer of Saint Gabriel Possenti. A remarkable young man!

Too Late Have I Loved You

This is adapted from an ancient “Prayer of St. Augustine”.

Christ, The Light!

Before Time began, there was Christ, The Word of God and The Word made Flesh.  This is an oratorio about Salvation History. It is dedicated to Most Reverend Michael Barber, Bishop of Oakland, and to The Cathedral of “Christ, the Light”.


Miracles happen!  Prophesies come true!  On October 13, 1917, over 75,000 people witnessed the Miracle of the Sun.  It was a sign that the Virgin Mary had promised to 3 shepherd children, In Fatima, Portugal!


Our earthly mothers prayed for us and gave us what we needed, not necessarily what we wanted. Why would not our Heavenly Mother do the same?  This prayer dates back to the 15th Century.


This magnificent sculpture depicts the lifeless Body of Christ resting in the arms of His Sorrowful Mother,  Michelangelo beautifully captured the moment, but there is more to the story …

It’s Our Country

Let’s temper our political disagreements and return to a kinder, gentler society that takes the best ideas from every side and unify this great country.  Special thanks to Ann Ammar.   Vocal by Mason Douglas.

In The Aftermath

A tribute to the lost souls and the heroes of the terrorist attack on American soil.  For a short time, our country was united, and Americans proudly flew the flag.  Patriotism waned shortly afterward.  But for a moment, we were all Americans!


This is a musical summary of the Book of Revelation, one of the most challenging, misunderstood books in the Bible.  Some of the secrets are revealed in this video!

The Shores of Galilee

In October, 2020, I was blessed to make a trip to The Holy Land with Patrick Madrid as our host, and George Stephan as our amazing guide!. To walk in the footsteps of Our Lord was a dream come true – an answered prayer.

Calvary and Beyond / He Is Risen!

From the oratorio, “Christ, The Light!”, this movement recalls the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Anima Christi

Anima Christi means Soul of Christ.  It is an ancient prayer.  This song is from the musical, “The Curé of Ars”, based on the life of Saint John Vianney.  Carolyn Williams directs the St. Joan of Arc choir.


It is about time we recognized the tragic truth about 65 million “choices” that stopped a beating heart.  When you were a zygote, a fetus, an embryo, a baby, a teenager, an adult … you were the same person as you are today.  Life is a sacred gift.  It should be protected.  Choose LIFE!

Let Me Stand With You

In this culture of rampant secularism, now is the time for Christians to step up, and stand for the Truth.

Coming Home

The thoughts of a prodigal son.  When he returns home, what will he find?

Mother of Perpetual Help

“Mother of Perpetual Help” is a novena asking the Mother of God — our Heavenly Mother — to help us in our earthly trials.  Written for orchestra and chorus, these are excerpts from the prayer.

A Prayer Before A Crucifix

A meditation on the Crucifixion of Christ.  In 2022, Pope Francis declared, that every Friday during Lent, a plenary indulgence will be granted under the proper circumstances.

Somewhere In Time

One of my favorite movies is “Somewhere In Time”. John Barry’s score is hauntingly beautiful and is essential to the story; but, there were no words to the music. So, I used the music from the original soundtrack and wrote these timeless, “otherworldly” lyrics.