In many ways, music is such a beautiful mystery. Regardless of whether you have less interest in music or whatever your interests are, these days music can be easily produced, sold, or acquired. You can easily download your favorite songs and transfer them to your laptop, iPod, Walkman, or other devices.

That is why it is not surprising that music has become an integral part of our lives. For most people, music plays an important role in their daily routine.

They have been extremely attached to their music, as we have witnessed a lot of people who listen to their i-pods, CDs, stereos, or radios, while others would choose to sing, watch music videos, or play a particular music instrument in the church choir or the school.

If you are still having some doubts about people’s fascination for music, then you might consider the popularity of the prime-time television show “American Idol,” which again proves how popular music is and how music has been used as an instrument for stardom, or perhaps the need of people to have music in their lives.

Music is Popular All Around the World

Young woman listening to contemplative music in the garden.

When it comes to music, popular music immediately comes to mind, including popular artists such as Beyonce, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many more.

Despite its glamor, music is not only famous in urban areas but also in less advanced areas as well as in communities where people incorporate music into their lives. These people chant, sing, or play different instruments. One of the most popular instruments is the drum, which plays an important part in every society.

For some people, they compare the sound of the drum with the beating heart. Regardless of your affiliation with the drum, we are still wondering why music plays an important part in people’s lives.

Regardless of the event or occasion, and no matter what your religion, ethnic group, or culture, music plays a major role, and every person will dance to the beat of the drum.

Music Can Transform the Human Condition

A young boy finds sanctuary while listening to prayerful music in a park.

Music is so powerful that it can transform different human conditions. When you’re down with depression and hopelessness, music can lift your spirit and bring you to a place where you can find joy, peace, and positivity.

But on the contrary, it can also be a harmful tool that can greatly affect human conditions. There are debates about today’s contemporary music; however, this is not where our focus should be. Nevertheless, rather than tolerating censorship, why don’t we promote awareness?

It is a fact that every song has a certain time and place. Additionally, music reflects people and culture in a lot of ways. That is why people must be aware of the possible dangers of music. Be careful when choosing the music that you want to listen to.

Avoid falling into what most people use for their excuse, defense, or reasoning. Even though you say that you only listen to this music because of its beat and not for its words.

However, even if your mind is not listening, your subconscious is cautious, and vigilant, and is picking up every word in the song. As a result, principles, such as “The Mozart Effect”, have emerged and claimed to have the ability to make some changes.

Because of this, more studies that are associated with various things such as adolescent behavior and the impact of music are being performed. In addition, there is evidence that shows that adolescents who frequently listen to rap or heavy metal music are more prone to engaging in violent behavior, and abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as have lower grades in school.

Roger H. Meyer explains that rap and heavy metal music can stimulate the nervous system and make people aggressive or do dynamic actions. This is probably the reason why Gulf War pilots often listen to heavy metal music before they get into battle.

While studies are still conducted about the association of adolescents and their behavior, music can similarly influence adults. As mentioned previously, Meyer expressed that Gulf War pilots listen to heavy metal music before launching their offensive attack.

But why do these pilots do this? Well, it is probably because music can influence their mood, which in turn can influence their performance in the field. Music can pump them up, making them more obsessed and prepared for combat.

Based on this notion, you might be wondering how can listening to heavy metal affect a person driving on the highway. Take note that it is not only heavy metal music that can cause aggression, but extreme rap music as well.

How Many Times Should You Listen to Music Before It Can Affect You?

A woman with tattoos finding sanctuary on a couch with a laptop during an online retreat, immersed in contemplative music.

Again, the question is, how many times do you listen to rap or heavy metal music before it finds a place in your thoughts and stays in your mind? How many times have you listened to reggae artists singing or rapping songs about hatred before you started believing in their hype?

Yet again, it would not be a good idea to censor the creativity of these artists. Since they are artists, they have the right to create art that conveys their desires. The point is that as responsible individuals, we have the right to choose, and we should be aware of this. We should be more careful about what the music is trying to convey.

Don’t say that you only listen to music because of its beat, and it is easy to dance to it. You should be more aware of how music can influence you and your family, then decide if you want this music in your life.

How Music Can Affect Spirituality

A black woman finding sanctuary in a bustling city through Christ-centered music.

Now, let’s proceed to the spiritual side of music. Historically, music has been used in different ways, from rituals and celebrations to entertainment and enjoyment.

When it comes to the spiritual or religious implications of music, they are endless, just like the stars in the sky. While there are a lot of spiritual and religious traditions when it comes to music and worship practices, it would be ideal to stay within your practice.

Music can inspire and uplift, drawing you closer to the divine. It is capable of healing you emotionally and, at the same time, physically as well. We can see a lot of verses in the Bible that refer to music.

Perhaps you have read some of these passages that mention music. But, as Christians, you probably have several how-and-why questions. Why is music being used or mentioned in the passages of the Bible? How does music influence us because of these biblical passages?

Nevertheless, no matter how music is metaphorically used or mentioned in the Bible, it is agreeable that music has significance in the lives of believers, both past and present. On a more scientific and objective level, there are still a lot of debates about music.

That is why scientists and researchers are still trying to explore the power of music over our emotions, minds, and bodies. Is there a connection between what Scripture says and what science discovers? Ultimately, music can influence us in a lot of ways—mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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