Is it true that listening to music can make you a better person? Music has been found to provide a wide range of benefits, but can this really make you a better person? At Angelus Music, we believe that music is one of the most important things in an individual’s life. A study found out that people in the United States have an average of 32 hours of listening to music every week. Is music influential on a person’s behavior? Studies have found that music and positive social behaviors are linked. 

Research about music has found that three aspects of music can invoke good deeds in a person. One, emotional resonance, two, lyrical content, and three, the way it unites groups of people. Check out the list below of how spiritual music can have a positive impact on your behavior. 

Uplifting music like spiritual music can make you happier and more generous 

Music is connected to our emotions. When you listen to mellow and sad songs, it can make you tear up, while happy and joyful music can make you happier and ecstatic. Melancholy music can be powerful and move us. Spiritual music, on the other hand, can help our spirituality and allow us to connect with God. Music can make a person better by making them happier and more spiritually fulfilled. 

A study done by Adrian North et. al. found out that more than 600 users of a university gym listened to uplifting music while working out. These individuals were then asked to sign petition letters to support a charity or to give out flyers regarding the charity. The study results showed that listening to music is a good way to make people happier, which led to more willingness to be more generous. 

Spiritual music can make you more helpful and empathic 

Spiritual music can have an impact on an individual’s behavior because it advocates for kindness and helpfulness. These are known to have the ability to change the way an individual thinks and acts, even in the short term. People who listen to spiritual music are observed to have an increased interpersonal empathy compare to those who have listened to music with a neutral tone and lyrics. 

While some studies only observed that the effects of listening to music have short-term effects of being helpful and empathic, repeated exposure to the same kind of music will show that it has great and positive effects in the long run. 

Constant exposure to spiritual music may produce long-term changes in an individual’s personality as it affects the development and construction of their knowledge, according to an expert named Greitemeyer. When individuals keep listening to spiritual music, the effects on their behavior will become more pronounced. 


Spiritual songs can help you change your attitude about people who are different 

Listening to spiritual music can make individuals less aggressive and be more welcoming to the differences of others. Another study found that individuals who listen to music with neutral lyrics are more likely to only help individuals of the same race while those who listen to music with positive lyrics are more likely to help people from more diverse communities and populations. 

A study also found out that individuals who listened to spiritual music have evidence of showing positive attitudes and behavior towards others compared to those who listen to music with neutral lyrics. Most studies that have been done have limitations as the tests were done for a few selected students; few songs were used, and it resulted in short-term effects. However, it is possible that when you constantly listen to spiritual songs it can lead to a long-term change of attitude and behavior. 

Spiritual songs can change the way you perceive the world around you 

Researchers found out that the perception of individuals can be directly affected by their state of mind. Spiritual music can help change our mood and perception. It has been observed to help individuals work through their feelings and emotions and it promotes ties among people. 

Listening to spiritual music can help improve connection and cooperation 

When an individual listens to music, it can change their behavior for the better. Music can help us connect with other people. 

Studies about music have found that adults that participate in synchronous singing have reported better cooperation with others. Music can have pro-social impacts among individuals who listen to music regularly. It has also been observed that music plays a role in the improvement of a person’s personality and behavior in the long run. This is because music has different ways of affecting people.

Music Affects Our Brain 

Music has an effect on our brains, specifically, the cochlear area, which is one of the parts of the inner ear that can be affected when we listen to music as it helps trigger instincts. These effects are then sent through to the brain, which can affect our behavior. 

Music Can Affect How We See Others 

When you listen to spiritual music, this can have an effect on how you interpret other people’s expressions. A study was done where the participants saw a neutral face as a happy or sad face after they listened to a song. Music can affect how we see our surroundings and even have an effect on our emotions.

Music Can Encourage Creativity 

Listening to music can help stimulate creativity. As long as the music is kept at moderate volumes, it can help lead to improved creativity. It is known to improve mental processes, as well as encourage abstract processing which can help you concentrate when you are performing a specific task. 

Music Can Be Useful as a Distraction 

With everything that has been happening around us, anyone can benefit from listening to music. You can listen to spiritual music to help distract you from all the things that have been happening. 

Music Can Be a Great Motivational Tool 

When things get so tiring that it can feel overwhelming, you can listen to spiritual music to help you become more motivated. It can help encourage you and help you feel better. Listening to music while performing a task can help you keep going for longer and it can make you more efficient while you listen to music. 


Music Can Help Predict an Individual’s Personality 

A study done by Heriot-Watt University found that a person’s openness, outgoingness, and emotional strength were some of the personality traits that can be correctly guessed based on their music preferences. 

Music Can Help Improve Your Mood 

Music has been obsereved to make a person happier. One research focused on why people listen to music, and they found that music plays an important role in a person’s mood. The participants of the study mentioned that music helped improve their overall mood and also helps them become more self-aware. Music has been effective in boosting an individual’s mood, especially when they listen to types of positive music such as spiritual music. 

Music Can Help Improve Cognitive Performance

Another study showed that if you play music while working, it can have an effect on your working perfromance, especially when it comes to cognitive tasks. Music can also have an effect on an individual’s memory. Listening to spiritual music can help boost your brain’s performance. 

What Is the Connection Between Music and Spirituality?

When you listen to spiritual music, you can have a spiritual experience. You can listen while meditating and reflecting on everything in your life. Spiritual music can give you hope, improve your spirit, and connect you to others in a special way. While listening to spiritual music, you must feel the lyrics deeply and apply them to your everyday life. You can make it a part of your identity and even a habit as you improve your spiritual life. 

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