Every now and then, I think of something to say.  Some of it is “Blogworthy.”

Every now and then, I read something that moves me.  Some are worth sharing.

The Miracles in St. John Vianney’s Life

Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney was born the fourth of six children on May 8, 1786, in Lyon, France. He was a French Catholic priest venerated in the Catholic Church as Saint John Vianney and the patron saint of parish priests.  He is popularly known as the “Curé d’Ars,”...

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What is the Role of Music in Your Life?

One of the greatest human creations is music. Music is defined as pure and untainted creativity. Music is one of the most essential elements in our lives. It permits you to express your sentiments and emotions. Some people even consider music as a way to escape from...

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The Impact of Music on Our Lives

Music, in any form, has probably been in our midst since the beginning. It has been passed down from generation to generation. Different harmonies have shaped cultures and societies worldwide. Simple tunes have the power to alter our mood, change perceptions, and...

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A Comprehensive Guideline to Spiritual Retreats

A spiritual retreat is when you set a quite time where you can be in solitude with God. For many years now, more people have chosen to attend spiritual retreats so they can experience God as well as spiritual renewal. Spiritual retreats help us to escape from...

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Everyday Uses of Music

Time and again, studies have shown how music can benefit the different areas in our lives. Verily, it can be a great addition to just about any activity. People of all ages appreciate calming to soothing tunes, singing along with their favorite song, or breaking a...

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The Power of Music in Prayer

Most of us often pray to communicate with our Creator.  When we pray, we get a chance to worship the Lord for His goodness and thank Him for His provisions. We feel we are blessed anew. Our family, friends, and other people we intercede for are also taken care of. In...

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Why People Listen to Music

There is no denying that most people spend their time listening to music. Apparently, music is important to us. According to Neilson, Americans listen to music at least 4.5 hours a day, while for others, it’s two hours. It seems that people spend between 2 to 4 hours...

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How Music Soothes the Soul

People often say that music soothes the soul.  Most people play music for relaxing and entertaining purposes.  For others, they use it for its healing properties in mind, body, and spirit.  Studies have shown that it uplifts mood, alleviates pain, and treats many...

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15 Incredible Benefits Of Listening To Music

Listening to music means that you are in good company. It’s always nice to see people who can play the guitar and can sing. Some people love to listen to music in their bedroom while others listen to music while doing their chores. Listening to music can make you feel...

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