Every now and then, I think of something to say.  Some of it is “Blogworthy.”

Every now and then, I read something that moves me.  Some are worth sharing.

How to Use Music to Enhance Your Life

It is undeniable that listening to music can make you feel good. In addition, it has numerous benefits. Do you know that one of the simplest ways to enhance your life is to add music to it? When listening to music, dopamine, also known as the pleasure chemical, will...

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Is Music Really a Universal Language?

Music has been known as a universal language. The reason behind this is that we can find music everywhere, whether it comes with words or not. It varies widely and supports any type of behavior. Certainly, this is what happens during the 1960s. When used effectively,...

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How Music Can Heal You

Music is known as the universal language. Amazingly, it gives you the chance to connect to yourself as well as the universe in ways you can’t even imagine. If you allow its healing powers to touch you, then music can go deeper than your rational comprehension, in...

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How to Use Music in Your Prayers

Do you play music when you pray?  Perhaps you want to try singing your prayers or using a song as part of your prayer.  Music has always been a potent medium that connects people to supplication and scripture.  Adding music when praying is a powerful way to worship...

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How Music Can Inspire and Motivate Us

There are different ways of achieving inspiration and motivation. However, they can vary depending on a particular situation or the person's preference. Hence, the things that can inspire and motivate you might not apply to other people. Whatever the circumstance, you...

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