Every now and then, I think of something to say.  Some of it is “Blogworthy.”

Every now and then, I read something that moves me.  Some are worth sharing.

What Is Spiritual Music?

When it comes to spiritual music, it covers broad definitions and examples. The ancient religious texts include hymns and songs that praise the author's thoughts of divinity. When people listen to spiritual music, it can take them out of their normal state and brings...

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“Miracles” of the Heart

One morning, in 2006, as I was working on the script and the score for my new musical, "The Curé of Ars", I had concerns and angst about the style and scope of the play.  After morning Mass, I visited an Adoration Chapel.  I prayed for guidance and for a sign that my...

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The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

There have been many Eucharistic Miracles. They are supernatural reminders that Jesus was serious when He told us that He is "The Bread of Life".   Later, at the Last Supper, when Jesus said, “This is My Body”, He meant it literally!  This has been the belief and...

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