It is undeniable that listening to music can make you feel good. In addition, it has numerous benefits. Do you know that one of the simplest ways to enhance your life is to add music to it? When listening to music, dopamine, also known as the pleasure chemical, will be released from the brain.

That is why, throughout history, music has played a significant role in society. This is also the reason why most people consider music as one of the top things that can give them pleasure. Aside from releasing hormones that can make you feel good, music has other tremendous benefits. The following are some of them:

  • It can encourage motivation.
  • It makes us aware of the present moment, making us feel happy.
  • It can help in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It can help in relieving pain.

According to research, by combining music with exercise and a healthy diet, there are better chances of achieving wellness. Nevertheless, since we are leading busy lives, most often we are forced to push this aside. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can include music in your life. The following are simple ways to bring music into your life.

Rise Up to Music

If you are an early riser, one of the best ways to wake up painlessly is to rise to music. The good news is there are apps that you can use for this. For instance, the Alarm Clock Xtreme app allows you to choose your preferred music and use this as your alarm tone.

The volume will keep on increasing until such time that you don’t have any other option but to wake up or perhaps wake up the whole household. If you are unsure of what song to use, then some of your options are “What a Wonderful World” a song by Louis Armstrong, or “Morning Has Broken” a song by Cat Stevens.

Include Music into Your Morning Routine

The founder of Evan Carmichael Communications Group, Evan Carmichael reveals that listening to music has been an essential part of his morning routine. Music can provide him with the energy that he requires in fulfilling his mission, which is to make the world a better place.

According to Carmichael, he has a playlist that consists of approximately 20 songs which he named “The Believe Playlist” and he makes sure that he plays it every morning.

Additionally, you can time yourself as you are getting ready in the morning. To do this, you can create a playlist of songs that you love the most and use these songs as your timer. For instance, you can allocate one song for preparing breakfast and making coffee. And another some for brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue.

Listen to Music While Commuting

For most people, the daily commute can easily drain their happiness and energy. The fact is studies reveal that reducing a one-hour long commute can already make people happy which is the same as giving them an additional $40,000 a year. That is why making your commute an enjoyable journey can go a long way in making you feel happier.

Although sometimes you might feel that should be productive while commuting and accomplishing some work. Nevertheless, commuting can be destructive to your well-being. Hence, it would be a good thing to simply do something that you enjoy the most during this time.

One of the greatest ideas would be to use your commute for listening to your favorite music. After all, based on research, listening to music can help in increasing happiness. Since you are having a positive commute, then it can help you become more productive, putting you in a good mood for the entire day.

Enjoy Your Routine Chores with Music

Obviously, there are some of us who hate doing our household chores including putting away groceries, washing and folding laundry, as well as cleaning the house. Hence, we tend to hesitate in doing these things. When you feel that you are getting bored doing some tasks, then most probably, you should ask yourself, “What should I do to make it more fun?

One of the best ways to make your chores enjoyable or even more enjoyable is to listen to some music. Consequently, you can also choose a few songs that you like the most and assure yourself that you can only listen to them when you are doing a particular task such as cleaning the kitchen. As a result, your kitchen could end up so clean that you could even bite off the floor.

Listen To Music While Doing Exercise

According to studies, turning on the music while doing your exercise can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Choose songs that have between 120bpm and 140bpm to inspire you to work out harder. If you do not know the BPM or beats per minute of a song, then you can search for it online.
  • You will become unaware of your exertion.
  • It can distract you from the discomfort that you feel while exercising.

Listen To Music While Working

Do you know that when you listen to music it can help in increasing your speed and accuracy? But keep in mind that the type of music that should choose will greatly depend on the kind of work that you are doing.

For instance, if you are working on data entry, then you can listen to pop music. If you are working with numbers or working on a task that requires some attention to detail, then it’s best to choose classical music.

Listening to dance music can be helpful when you are trying to solve a problem at work. Finally, you can choose to listen to ambient music when you are working on solving equations.

Take Your Music Breaks at Work

Sometimes you might require some energy boost, most especially in the afternoon. You could imitate what Microsoft does. Every three o’clock in the afternoon, the company turns on the music to energize everyone. Some of their workers would even get up and dance. And when the music ended everybody would clap their hands.

What you can do is you could convince your manager or supervisor that this is an excellent way of improving the morale of the employees while fostering camaraderie in the office. On the other hand, if you are working at home, then you could take some of those music fun breaks.

For instance, every 50 minutes of work, you could turn on the music and dance for at least ten minutes. Aside from boosting your mood and energy, you are also giving yourself a mini workout.

Turn On the Music Before Bedtime

According to studies, listening to slow music can help you fall asleep easily. It is important that you should choose songs that have 60 bpm or less to help you in relaxing, says Lyz Cooper, who is associated with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Ideally, it is also recommended to choose songs that can make you reminisce about those happy moments.

Music Can Control Your Emotions and Moods

Strategically listening to music for the entire day can help you in controlling your emotions and moods. You could rate the songs based on your different emotions.

  • Does listening to this song make you feel more focused?
  • How inspired and motivated can this song make you feel?
  • Can this song energize you?
  • Do you feel happy when listening to this song?
  • Can this song make you feel more relaxed?

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