Do you play music when you pray?  Perhaps you want to try singing your prayers or using a song as part of your prayer.  Music has always been a potent medium that connects people to supplication and scripture.  Adding music when praying is a powerful way to worship our Creator.

There are several ways you can use music when you’re praying.  Learn how to pray with music, sing prayers, and allow harmonies to enhance your petitions to the Lord.  Find out more about them here, especially if you haven’t tried them before.

Why Pray Through Music?

Music is said to soothe the soul.  It has a remarkable ability to comprehend what we’re thinking and feeling.  Reaching the deep recesses of our hearts and minds like no other form of communication, rhythmic sounds can immerse us to richly experience the joys of the task we’re in.

St. Augustine once said, “To sing is to pray twice.”  Praying with music is not the same as praying with words.  But whether or not you blend your supplications with tunes, both ways radiate towards the same purpose: to draw us closer to God. 

It does not mean that you need to sing to pray with music. Finding beauty in harmony, rhythm, or words is enough.  It can also effectively bring prayer into everyday tasks, like commuting, doing mundane chores, or working.

Sometimes, music can speak what your mind cannot. Have you ever encountered a song expressing what you’ve longed to say?  Whether the song has lyrics or notes, the harmony can put your joys, sorrows, dreams, and doubts into words straight from your heart and soul.

Our God is the Creator of all things beautiful. Music is one of His glorious gifts. Sharing and giving it back to him and His service is a marvelous experience, especially during your most intimate conversations with Him. 

How to Pray with Music

Praying with songs is similar to praying from scripture. Like the passages from the Holy Book, the songs’ lyrics or music beats are rhythmic and poetic. These work their way into our hearts and souls. 

There are numerous ways to amplify your prayers with music. Find the one that works best for you:

Choose a tune.

When praying with music, start with something you know. It can be a song you like or sounds that you find interesting. There are no standards to picking your preferred music to aid your prayer. Decide for the one that feels right. The sound should uplift your spirits when you pray.

Listen to the melody.

If it is a song, read the lyrics. Find a comfortable position. You can sit, kneel, or even walk. Feel the beat and rhythm, and let it carry you to peace. Submerge yourself in the music. Feel the rhythm or words as they speak to you in a particular way.

Let the melody be your prayer.

If you feel like it, sing or hum along. Say or sing heartfelt words. Allow the notes and words to be your prayer. Listen to it. Let it permeate inside you. Permit it to open your heart and mind. Allow it to move your soul, then start conversing with the Father.

Pray using the words and lyrics.

Sometimes we sing along to a particular song without paying attention to the words. In prayer, you have to pay attention to the songs. Most spiritual hymns and worship songs are based on the Holy Scriptures. You can use them as your prayer. You can sing or read the words.  Take time to digest their meaning and how they relate to you and reflect.

Use soothing melodies to help you focus.

Music is vast and diverse. You can find something that can match and enrich what you want to do with it. There is music for dancing, learning, working out, and praying. Create a playlist for your prayer time.

Music can drown out the unnecessary thoughts that occupy your mind. It can help you filter distractions to focus on the task at hand.  When praying, put on soft and soothing music in the background. These will help you calm down, focus, and connect your heart and soul.

While you can also pray in silence, music helps you to enrich your conversations with the Lord. No matter the seasons of the church and wherever you are in your life’s circumstances, you can pick music that will match your theme.

Follow the beat of your breathing.

Music helps you focus by leading your heartbeats. Choose soothing tunes and take deep breaths according to the rhythm. If you are anxious or overwhelmed, allow the words or notes to be your voice. Equally, you can also let the music serve as God’s voice. The rhythm or words will shine through whatever you need at the moment. They might bring you to a more peaceful place.

Allow the music to lead you to talk with God.

Helping you to focus and calm down, music can lead you to God’s holy presence.  Bathe yourself in it and pour out yourself to Him.  Whether you choose soulful tunes or energizing worship songs, harmony can accompany your prayers and conversations with the Father.  Read, talk, sing, chant, dance, cry, and raise your hands in worship as you need.

Sing or sway along if you feel like it.

When you add music to your prayers, remember that it doesn’t have to be about the music or your singing voice.  It is meant to enrich your prayer time so use it as such. Don’t focus too much on the song; fix your eyes on God alone. 

With practice, you might find music better suited for this particular time. Perhaps, you can also use them with your other tasks.  There is nothing wrong with praying while doing your other activities. After all, they can also be a form of your worship.  Pray with music while you do the laundry or while driving. Play a song as you pray in the morning or at night.

You can even dedicate time to listen intentionally to a whole album of prayerful music. Let it move you to deepen your spiritual life and your relationship with your Creator.

In the scriptures, we know God has been drawing people close to him through music since the beginning.  Prophets sang hymns and chanted poems.  Angels also played the harp. Until today, churchgoers have continued the tradition of conversing with God through music at Masses and services.

Whether you need to enrich your prayer routine or you’re looking to add something new to it, music might be the one thing you’re missing!  Angelus Music offers soul-soothing and spiritual harmony that you can use in your prayer time.  Use them to intensify your supplications.  Visit our website at