Music is known as the universal language. Amazingly, it gives you the chance to connect to yourself as well as the universe in ways you can’t even imagine. If you allow its healing powers to touch you, then music can go deeper than your rational comprehension, in fact, it can reach your soul. Regardless of what genre of music you listen to including folk, country, bluegrass, rock, alternative, pop, or classical, it can greatly influence your spirit, body, and mind in various ways.

By embracing the healing benefits of music, you can enhance your overall well-being since it has the power to build a healing environment that can change you psychologically as well as physiologically.

So, next time you listen to your Bluetooth speakers or earphones, watch a concert or increase the volume of your car stereo, be sure to embrace the healing benefits of listening to various music.

Lowers Your Stress Response

Sometimes it is hard to avoid stress in your life. However, if you allow it to rule, then most likely, you will be facing several complications down the road. Oftentimes, it can affect your health, behavior, sense of well-being, and mood. Fortunately, listening to music can help in reducing your stress response.

In case, you are in a stressful situation, and you are having a hard time handling what life has given you, then try to look for particular music that can calm and encourage you. Or it would be much better if you can make your own playlist that includes music that you enjoy listening to and can calm you. You can save this on your phone so you can always listen to it in case you start feeling stressed. This can help in preventing your stress responses to escalate.

Changes Your Mood

Most probably, when you listen to specific songs, you can feel sad or happy. Take note that this is not just a coincidence. Based on research, different types of music can varied effects on your mood, as well as your mental clarity, and tension levels.

If you feel happy, angry, reflective, or somber, then you can choose to move further with those feelings or you can alter your emotional path by listening to some distinct types of music. Try to find out which particular songs will reveal who you are and boost your spirit. Be sure to include these songs on your playlist and keep them within your reach in case you need them.

Improves Self-Awareness

Discovery and self-awareness play an important role in your personal growth. Knowing yourself permits you to discover your Dharma and provides your distinctive gifts to the world.

There are various directions that you can take in cultivating this kind of self-awareness. And one of the simplest forms of leisure activities is to listen to music. It has been proven that this practice can help people in discovering who they are, who they want to be, and how they can create their own path.

So, the next time you can sense that you are disconnected from yourself, and you are searching for some direction, then you should listen to your favorite music and discover where your mind takes you. Allow the music to go deeper into your thoughts and believe that whatever comes up is what you want to hear. Whatever you discover, put them in your journal. So, you can always revisit them whenever you require them along your journey.

Establishes Empathy

Whether you are an empath person or not, developing empathy skills is important in connecting with others in the most powerful, meaningful, and profound way. Having the capability to view the world based on other people’s perspectives not only inspires you to change the way you handle your daily life, but you can also help others to become known.

Music has been utilized in several ways to help in improving one’s compassion, empathy, and care. Sometimes music inspires you to engage in retrospection. Initially, it feels like you are being invited by somebody to join in their story by getting through their melody, lyrics, and composition.

It allows you to put yourself in their shoes. Gradually, you will start to notice that you are viewing the world differently after you have listened to the music s you are running your errands or commuting to and from work.

Connects to Spiritual Aspects of Life

Do you know that music plays a significant role in your spiritual life or the entire community itself? Over the years, music has been used in various spiritual ceremonies through drums, chants, acapella singing, and many more. Music has a sublime characteristic that allows you to connect to something much bigger than yourself. Additionally, it has been proven that music has a positive effect on your spirituality and quality of life.

Does Music Have a Healing Power?

Music has been known as a great healer, the universal language, and a reflection of the divine, among others. Although there are still some doubts about the power of music, based on research music can be as powerful as it can be.

Throughout history, music has been used in different cultures for medicine and healing. According to Shilagh Mirgain, Ph.D., a health psychologist, each culture has discovered the significance of creating and listening to music. Hippocrates revealed that music has a deep connection with the medical arts.

There is some scientific evidence that can prove that music can have a deep effect on people. For instance, minimizing symptoms of depression in people who are suffering from dementia, improving the recovery of motor and cognitive function, particularly for those who are suffering from stroke, helping patients to feel less pain while undergoing surgery, and allowing them to heal faster. Ultimately, music can be therapeutic.

Mirgain said that music therapy is a proven form of therapy that can help people in addressing their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs. Music can greatly help in reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure and cortisol in the body. At the same time, music can also ease your anxiety and improve your mood.

Most often, you can hear music in the background wherever you go, whether you are in department stores or restaurants. Nevertheless, there are some ways that can help you in using music intentionally to ease your stress, relax, or boost your mood.

How to Use Music to Boost Your Energy

Sometimes there are situations wherein you want to boost your energy level such as when you are giving a presentation, cleaning, or exercising. During this time, you must listen to upbeat music since it can provide you with the uplift that you need. Also, you might want to listen to music as you are getting ready in the morning so you can get your day going on the right beat.

Be Wary of the Sound Environment

Do you know that there are some restaurants that use music in encouraging their customers to eat faster? In this way, they can obtain greater turnover. If you are searching for a place where you can have a meeting or a personal discussion that can be stressful, then you should avoid noisy environments that play energetic music. This is because it can increase tension and stress.

Music can be considered a life force that you can use to your benefit. You can use music for connecting to yourself, to other people as well as the universe so you can create a healing environment.

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