A spiritual retreat occurs when you spend quiet time with God. For several years now, spiritual retreats have been done by a lot of people. This is a way wherein they’ll get the chance to experience spiritual renewal and have an encounter with God. Spiritual retreats are great since they allow us to escape from any distractions and noise.

Eventually, it will send you to a certain place to experience spiritual refreshment and renewal. When you are in a spiritual retreat, you will feel the presence of God and permits Him to nourish your soul. As you settle into the tranquility, you will be aware of your deeper longings, agitation of your soul, and most of all, you will notice that God is whispering to you.

You might be interested in taking a spiritual retreat; however, you don’t have any idea how to do it. If you are new to the practice of spiritual retreats, then this simple guide can help you. Regardless of if your retreat will only last half-day, the whole day, or several days, this guide can give you some helpful tips. Here is a comprehensive guide for taking a spiritual retreat.

Allocate the Time and Look for a Place

Think about how long you want the retreat to last and try to fit this into your schedule. Spiritual retreats can likely last for a day or two or several days. Be sure that you have made the necessary arrangements needed so you can keep this time away from work and any distractions.

Try to look for a quiet area so you can spend some time alone with God. You can either visit a retreat center or a monastery that allows visitors. Another option would be to stay outdoors with nature.

Express Your Intention

Ask yourself, what is your purpose for doing this spiritual retreat? What do you want to achieve from this? Maybe there are some things in your life that make you confused or perhaps you simply want to have some rest. Maybe there is a major decision that you need to make, or you are contemplating your vocational calling or perhaps you simply want to have a dialogue with God.

Settle in the Presence of God

When you start your spiritual retreat, try to spend some time settling in. You should keep your body and soul quiet. During this moment, you should feel at ease, you could sit still and do some deep breathing exercises or take a leisurely walk.

Let yourself be aware of the presence of God. Once you can feel that God is near you, talk to him about your feelings and anticipations during this time. Ask God what He wants you to obtain during this moment. You should listen and whatever you’ve received, respond to the Holy Spirit.

Do a Reflection

What happened during the last week or month? Have you experienced the presence of God? Do you have any life-draining or life-giving experiences? Record all these things on your Life Reflection worksheet and use this as a guide. As you do some reflection, be aware of the desires of your soul that could arise.

Make a Connection with God

By having a connection with God, it can help you in engaging with Him, and at the same time, you can rest in His presence. You could practice prayers, read Scriptures, walk with God, create a gratitude list, or write a psalm.

While you are in the presence of God, you could do some self-care. Do something so that you can make some space for your soul to praise, worship, and listen to God. It could be helpful if you can find a Creating Space for God prayer.

Receive and Return

During your spiritual retreat, think about what you have received from God. Is there something that you want to leave behind? Is there something that you want to bring back with you? In a retreat, there is no right way. You should receive, whatever God has given you and trust that no matter what happens, it is nourishing you in the way that God wants.

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

Do you want to freeze time for just a moment? Imagine that you are in a science fiction movie, and you have the power to freeze everything so that you can spend more time on your own.

Generally, the spiritual world is associated with the search for meaning, the immaterial realm of life, the exploration of one’s inner space, as well as a sense of total peace. But ultimately, it has become more and more popular lately because it’s within everyone’s reach, not exclusively for religious people.

These days, spirituality gives priority to personal experience rather than the foundations of religious organizations. It does not necessarily mean that you must follow a certain faith. Essentially, when you go to a spiritual retreat, you can gain an experience that is beyond the ordinary.

Generally, a spiritual retreat is a safe place where you can encounter complete renewal and obtain a high level of self-knowledge. For people who believe in God, this is also the ideal place for having a conversation with Him.

When doing a spiritual retreat, usually, you will be isolated in a distant place, away from any distractions and noise, and most of all, surrounded by nature. Everything is arranged and well-planned for you so that all you need to do is to concentrate on your well-being. In addition, there will be experienced practitioners and devoted professionals who can guide you through your spiritual practices. They can also help you nourish your soul and calm your mind.

What Does It Mean to be Spiritual?

Traditionally, spirituality and religion have been linked and considered the same. Nevertheless, these two things are completely different. When it comes to religion, it refers to the organizational extent, while spirituality refers to the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

It focuses on understanding the deeper life of the person as well as his connection with the sublime aspects of it. Simply put, a religious person can also be spiritual, however, not all spiritual individuals are considered religious.

Basically, those people who consider themselves spiritual are more involved with their self-knowledge. They’ve acknowledged that there is something beyond the human visual experience and they give importance to valuable virtues such as compassion, empathy, and kindness. Hence, for most people, being spiritual means the desire to become an individual whose main priority is to love themselves and all that is.

What Does a Spiritual Retreat Look Like?

There are no rules in spirituality, that is why it is totally out of this world and very fascinating. So, when it comes to spiritual retreats, you can guarantee that you will have a mind-blowing experience.

Most often, these spiritual retreats are done in wonderful locations that include accommodation, tasty and healthy meals as well as mindful exercises or meditation practices. Sometimes unique practices are also added to help you in advancing your spiritual journey and make it more fun and enjoyable.

How to Choose a Spiritual Retreat

First, if you are considering going to a spiritual retreat, you should recognize your personal motivation. Perhaps you just want to relax and unwind, or maybe you have something that you want to work through. Another important thing to consider is the topic of the retreat and make sure that this is something that you truly enjoy. Finally, choose a place that you like.

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