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For many years, I considered myself to be a fairly decent songwriter.  I’d write for family, friends, for fun, and for my own consolation.  Then, in 1999, my dear friend, Doral Allen, suggested, “Why don’t you write something in Latin, perhaps a performance piece?”  I took her seriously, and began to compose what would eventually become A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium.  My life and my expectations were impacted by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit!  I would actually “hear” the music in my head as I was reading each liturgical prayer — I didn’t know why or how!  When I played the score for my mentor, Dr. Sharon Girard, she said, “John, there is no way you wrote this by yourself.”  She was right!

I thank God for the gifts, talents, faith and mentors that He has given to me.  Johann Sebastian Bach was asked, “Why do you write music?”  Bach’s reply was, “The aim and final end of all music is nothing less than the glorification of God, and the refreshment of the soul.”  I am certainly not comparing myself to Bach; but, we share the same love of God.

The Angelus Music website is a virtual “online retreat”, or a “sanctuary” from the chaos of everyday life. The Music Videos are prayerful, and presented to contemplate Christ, His Mother, and His Church.

Most of the music is peaceful and prayerful; but, the “Golden Oldies” has recordings of my songwriting days prior to my encounter with The Holy Spirit, in 1999.  These songs range from country, to novelty songs, to love songs, children’s songs, tributes and personal songs.  Please, check out all of the pages: A Mass for Peace, The Curé of Ars, Music Videos, Golden Oldies, Testimonials, and Blogs.  If you like a particular video, please click the “LIKE” icon!  And, please FOLLOW us and “SUBSCRIBE”, tell your family and friends, and Contact Us with your feedback.

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“Keeping Christ at the Center of Our Music

Life Goes On

We all have times of sorrow in our lives.  Losing a loved one is the saddest of them all.  Somehow, we get the grace to accept our loss.  With that grace comes the hope that life goes on, not only for the one who is hurting, but also for the one who has moved on.  I wrote this song for my dearest friend when she lost her mother.  May it help you find peace, as well.

Go, and Serve The Lord!

“Jesus died for everyone. Go, and spread the Good News!”

This is the finale – the dismissal – from A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium.


An ode to a great, great saint that I just came to know and to love. Many thanks to Jake Ineck, Music Director – Holy Apostles Church, for his heartfelt vocal!