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For many years, I, John, had considered myself to be a fairly decent songwriter.  I’d write for family, friends, for fun and for my own consolation.  That all changed overnight, in 1999, as I began to compose A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium!  My life and my expectations were suddenly impacted as I felt a heartfelt surge of inspiration that I believe was the grace of the Holy Spirit!  That grace was clearly a gift!  You see, I have no formal music training, except for the 2 years of piano lessons as a 7 and 8-year-old.  I don’t sing well and I never played in a band; but, I have always loved writing songs.  However, from that moment, nearly 20 years ago, something was different … something had changed!

I thank God for the gifts and talents He has given to me, and I am humbled by the way my music has touched so many hearts and souls.  That is why I created this website.  My vision is to provide a virtual “online retreat”, or a “sanctuary” from the chaos that surrounds us day after day.  Please, explore the entire site and find what resonates with you.  Make yourself at home and return whenever you need a moment to pray.  Much of the Music is peaceful and prayerful, some is entertaining (even funny).  The prayerful videos invite you to meditate on a number of things, but they all are focused on Christ.   Angelus Music is my gift to you.  Thank you for being here!

Be sure to watch the 3 part video series, “The Mystery of Faith”!   [By scrolling down on the Mass for Peace page

Part 2 of “The Mystery of Faith” is the Full Score of A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium.  The music is paired with images to help illustrate the nuances of the sacred liturgy of the Holy Mass.  Other pages, Demo Videos, Off The Record, Testimonials, and Blogs have something to offer, as well.   If you find the site helpful in any way, please Follow us and Share the site with your family and friends!

For a richer experience, watch Full Screen with Ear Buds or Headphones.

If you care to make a small contribution to our Angelus Music ministry that would be helpful … but not necessary.  We are not a non-profit organization, so any donation will not be tax deductible; however, your generosity will help us continue our quest to lead souls to Christ.

Peace be with you!




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“Keeping Christ at the Center of Our Music”

Life Goes On

We all have times of sorrow in our lives.  Losing a loved one is the saddest of them all.  Somehow, we get the grace to accept our loss.  With that grace comes the hope that life goes on, not only for the one who is hurting, but also for the one who has moved on.  I wrote this song for my dearest friend when she lost her mother.  May it help you find peace, as well.


From A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium.  This is a prayer that is raised up to the Lord at every Mass.  We ask God for forgiveness and mercy.  We are asking, literally, for DIVINE MERCY.

The Shores of Galilee

One of these days, I hope to get to The Holy Land.  To walk in the footsteps of Our Lord would be a dream come true – an answered prayer. 

Wherever we are, we can always choose to walk with Christ.  Jesus said, “You did not choose Me, I have chosen you.” So, follow Him!